curious, not creepy.


it could be because my new job requires me to spend a lot of time by myself, in a dark, cold, cubical in a corner where all i have is my iPod to keep me from going totally insane, but i’ve re-discovered my love of podcasts. specifically, being told a true story by the person who experienced it.

thanks to anthony, i’ve been exposed to the absolutely amazing the tobolowsky files. stephen tobolowsky is probably one of the most famous “that guy” and in less then a week i listened to all the episodes which can be downloaded for free via itunes. they’re fantastic stories, told by a man who i’ve come to think of as that kinda weird family friend who tells you about when he was your age. some of the tales are hilarious, others are heart-breaking, but all of them are very sincere and honest which makes you forget that he’s not talking to you specifically. which i think is pretty awesome.

and of course, there is this american life. i’ve listened to this show for a while now, but have just recently gotten back into it. ira glass could just read from the dictionary and i’d be totally captivated. there are some stories that are wayyy better than others but overall they do a great job. it can also be downloaded for free via itunes, and on their website you can buy old episodes for like 99 cents.

but i need more! do you guys have any suggestions? give them to me, plz.


october 2nd.
August 7, 2009, 8:57 pm
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who’s coming with me??

walking two – sound
May 25, 2008, 8:16 pm
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a walk around campus during the fall or spring semester and you know what to expect. girls chatting away on their pink razors, boys talking about the girl he tried to get with at the sigma phi party, doors closing, cars passing by, someone’s ipod that is up too loud.  that doesn’t change too much over the summer, just not as many people to overhear. 

that was the first thing i noticed on this walk, was that despite how quite campus was in comparison to the usual hustle and bustle, it was still pretty noisy. on this particular day it was incredibly windy and there was a constant sound of wind gushing through leaves. 

which is when i realized that different leaves make different sounds. i know, i know, what an elementary thing to notice. of course they make different sounds, but it never really occurred to me because i was never looking for it. the tree on the left, that was my favorite sound during the walk. so spending so much time around trees lead me to this:

which was a nice surprise. but made me feel kind of silly, since it’s in an area that i pass thru EVERYDAY to get to and from school and it wasn’t until now that i noticed it.  these walks are teaching me that i’m not nearly as observant as i like to think i am. and i’m working on that. 

during the duration of the walk i was trying so hard to focus on the sounds that i don’t normally pay attention to, like the wind rushing through the trees, my footsteps on different surfaces, the pitter pattering of the drizzling rain, but then this thing happen. this thing that always happens when i do anything, a song popped in my head. i have no idea where it came from or why it was there, but it was and as hard as i tried to focus on the walk it just stayed there in the back of my head. which is what i’ll leave you with. enjoy.