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walk two – desire lines.
May 22, 2009, 9:32 pm
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just like last summer, i had a really hard time trying to find desire lines. i didn’t want to re-use the same ones that i found last year so it took a lot of looking for me to do so. and i found one in the funniest place. 

i’m doing an internship at the phoenix art museum, working primarily in tucson and going up once a week. when i was there i was trying to find my way back into the building and stumbled across a little desire line that lead me in the correct direction.

phx desire line.

i began thinking a lot about why it is i have such a hard time finding these little footpaths and i realized its because people don’t really walk anymore. everyone is in their cars all the time, people riding bikes to places, but its just not that often you see someone walking somewhere with a real purpose like running errands. with that in mind, i started to see a new kind of desire line everywhere.

new desire lines

new desire lines

i think that these can be seen as a new kind desire line.


walk two – paths
May 26, 2008, 1:31 am
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i have this really vivid memory of when i was 16 and in england. we would stay in little villages in the countryside and while everyone else stayed in their room and watched tv i was outside wandering around, just taking in everything that i could. and i remember finding footpaths everywhere, and walking them. they seemed like they went on forever and i’ve always wanted to go back and just walkin the island through the use of these paths, or desire lines.  apparently, i’m not the only one who likes this idea:

but anyways, i tried to find these around my neighborhood and had no sucess. everything was sidewalk or street. if there was even anyone else out walking, they were going to their car or getting the mail. something. but then i remembered the art building, right on the corner of speedway and park is one of these desire lines.  instead of taking the oh so long route of the side walk into the loading dock, people have been cutting across the dirt.

personally, i love this path. i use it all the time. it is a very rare occassion when i acutally use the sidewalk to get to the loading dock. it probably only cuts off about two seconds of walking but it’s satisfying nonetheless.  when you’re in a rush to get to the class you know you’re late to, just having the illusion of moving just a little bit faster is great.

i walked home, feeling a little disappointed about my lack of discover in the paths department when i opened my gate and realized that i have my own that is literally on my doorstep.