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what the fuck is dharma?
May 24, 2010, 5:26 pm
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i don’t watch lost. i’ve never had a whole lot of interest in the show, i tried watching the first season, and about halfway through i just got kind of annoyed with the characters so i gave up. but i really like lost. or more so the idea of lost.

i love how many people are so into this show. that have watched every episode [probably multiple times] and have come up with theories as to what every little thing means. i overheard many of these yesterday while working the series finale event at the theater. and as someone who has no reference point as to what anything means, hearing things about smoke monsters, time travel and polar bears all sounds pretty ridiculous. and i can’t help but laugh. but it’s really awesome to see people get excited about something. legitimately excited and interested about something. and then to have a group of people to have to talk about it with makes it even better.

when the last five minutes were getting ready to start, pedro and i ran in to catch it and see if it was going to turn into a Dallas series finale. which was what i was hoping for. but as expected, we had no clue what the hell was going on. or what anything meant. but i enjoyed watching those 460 people watching these final moments of the show. everyone was so attentive, and the anticipation in the room was so high.

standing there made me think of my dad telling me about the series finale of M*A*S*H. that it was an really important moment in his personal history. and ultimately in television history too. though i’ve never watched either show in great depth, i can appreciate anything that creates that sense of community for so many people.

lost seems to be one of those shows that has brought back the ritualistic nature of television. and any show that can do that is pretty awesome in my book. and probably worth a second shot.


walk four – cocoons and engagement

i decided to take this walk in a place that has gone from a place of comfort to one of total disdain, the mall. i remember being like 13 and going to the park mall every weekend with my friends. that was the place to be at that age, and that seems to linger on for a few years. but at some point, it switched over for me. it stopped being a place that i liked going, instead i absolutely dread going. 

i was armed with my ipod for this walk, which happened to have crashed the day before and needed to be reloaded with music. i was at a friends house so he put on a bunch of music for me. all of which were bands that i liked when i was just finishing middle school and starting high school. so listening to bands like incubus [yeah, i know] really took me back to the time when i actually enjoyed being at the mall. while on my walk around the place, i became very interested in all of these things that i never really noticed before. i couldn’t help but stare all of the horrible southwestern art that could be found throughout the space.

i hate southwestern art.

so much hate.

and the attempt to bring in natural lighting into this very artificial environment.

faux light

but what i found really interesting was the big potted plants. 



this idea of bringing nature into totally fabricated, unnatural environments is a theme that has been popping up a lot lately. i know a lot of people working with this theme, and was able to see it a lot while at the mall. i found it to be a really funny juxtaposition of these plants against these brightly light, backgrounds with bright colors and photoshopped models.

i walked through the whole mall and had all of these thoughts about the space itself and didn’t really take into much consideration the people in it. which happened during the second half of the walk.

i’ve always been an eavesdropper, and the mall is totally the right place to be in to hear some really good stuff. its not that i am trying to be nosey, but i just really like seeing people in their element. when they are totally themselves because they think that no one is paying attention. people are so funny and don’t even really know it. so, when walking through the mall without headphones i couldn’t help but not smile and giggle a bit when people would say something funny or just ridiculous. the highlight being this: “now, learning how to say what color are your panties in Arabic seems way more important than anything else.”  that gem happened right outside the victoria secret, which may or may not be a coincidence. 

i also noticed how unwilling people are to make eye contact with you there. everyone was either looking at the person they were with or staring at the ground. there were a few accidental glances by some teenagers and they quickly looked away, the only people who actually maintained eye contact were those annoying kiosk people and the mall security. both of which make sense, since it is part of their job. but, it is still very interesting how people react when they make eye contact with you especially when you don’t look away. we’ve become very sensitive to this and can feel when it has gone on too long. 

it was a very interesting experience going back to a place i used to spend so much time in. this walk made me realize different things about the space that i don’t think i otherwise would have payed attention to.

here is the route that i took for my walk, 

park mall

maybe you’ll say something worth remembering.
May 11, 2008, 10:45 am
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don’t tell your stalker that you love him, that just seems like a bad idea.


next paycheck i’m buying myself a big bag of weed and making huge joints. and a birthday cake.


he’s so macho, with his giant testicles.