curious, not creepy.

i thought everyone hated mimes.
November 21, 2009, 9:01 pm
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i’ve seen a lot of strange things happen on that stage, but i’m gonna go ahead and put this in the top 10 of occurrences.


end of the world.
September 10, 2009, 6:28 pm
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my internet was shut down for about the past 5 days, i had to steal it from my neighbor or venture out into the world to track it down. it’s weird to think how dependent we’ve become on it, not having it with ease was such a pain in the ass and lord knows if i don’t check the ol’ facebook the world was going to end. 

but anyways, probably the most annoying part of the whole ordeal was having to call the cox customer service line. why? because you get to talk to a robot woman. now, this sounds like it could be kind of rad in theory but in action it fucking sucks. you have to pick the correct general topic and then filter through them with her from there. and i know that her voice is supposed to be soothing and calming, but all i wanted to do was rip my hair out. especially since there is no return to main menu button or phrase or whatever. 

**HINT– if you’re on the phone with cox and just want to talk to a HUMAN interrupt her and say ‘customer service representative’ or scream ‘I JUST WANT TO TALK OT A FUCKING HUMAN’ and she’ll direct you to one immediately**

once she was actually helping me troubleshoot my internet i became kind of impressed with the whole thing. she could respond to my questions and reset my modem from wherever she is. it’s kind of cool that someone can program something to be so smart. but then i started getting creeped out about robots taking over the world and such. i’ve realized that i like the idea of robots because in my head they look like cute little objects like this:

or like this:





































but what they’ll probably end up being like is this:

and i’m not the biggest fan of that idea. at all. 

moral of the story – we’re fucked.

move over mlk.
June 26, 2009, 5:05 am
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there was a candle light vigil in the rose garden of reid park tonight in honor of michael jackson. we went to check it out and the whole time i had the same two thoughts running through my head. 

  1. how is it that we can rally for shit like this, but the stuff that actually matters we just sit on our asses and do nothing?
  2. these people are totally serious about this.





within the first 5 minutes of being there, we heard michael jackson get compared to the dali lama, louis farrakhan, and martin luther king. and apparently he had a greater affect on the world then any of them. why? because his music brought people together.

seriously?? how is he even on the same level as those guys??

i mean, yeah it sucks that he’s dead but personally i’m more bummed out about farrah fawcett. the burning bed was like my favorite movie when i was little. and as far as i know, he never had a lifetime movie…not yet anyways.

rip farrah fawcett

project three – remove before washing.
June 6, 2009, 6:11 pm
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for the last year, a good friend of mine has been doing research on radio frequency identification chips [rfid] for a body of work he is working on. when either one of us learns something new, we discuss it a lot and pretty throughly. so, i’ve learned quite a bit about these chips through him. 

rfid chips act as transmitters to radio signals sent by transceivers and as a tracking device. several corporations use this technology in their products to assist them with marketing, however they legally have no obligation to tell their consumers that they are doing this. this is one of the things i have a hard time with regarding the rfid chips. i can see how they could be used for positive things, but i really don’t like the idea of something that i buy is being tracked while i’m in the store and could possibly be after i leave. there are no laws regulating how these things are used, and they don’t have to notify you of the chips presence.

so, for this project i went to two stores that prominently use the rfid chips in their goods and left notes in the clothing. i would either fold up a note and put it in the pocket, or i’d safety pin a note to the actual rfid chip which can be found really easily in most jeans. anytime you’ve ever had a tag that said remove before washing or wearing, you’ve purchased a product with an rfid chip. most people are completely unaware of this, i know i sure was up to a year ago. i think that it’s only fair that people are aware of these chips being in products they buy, and there needs to be regulation protecting our privacy. there are also many other uses that rfid chips are being implemented for that need to be raised for discussion, like putting them in passports and birth certificates, and are being looked over. my hope is that the people who find these will want to learn more and look at the website i provided and be apart of this conversation that needs to happen, or at the very least be aware of something that is a integrating itself into their lives.

the chip.

the note.

old navy.


i’m not sure if the text is really readable for these images, but this is what it said:

This product contains a Radio Frequency Identification Chip which act as transmitters to radio signals sent by transceivers.  This technology has the capability to track you wherever it is you travel.  There are currently no laws in place to protect you from this invasion of privacy, as it is not required for the 100+ companies that embed RFID chips into their goods to tell their consumers they actively use them.


Protect your right to privacy. 

also, most of the notes i left were in the pockets of clothing that were already on the floor. i wasn’t able to document any of these but was able to capture these in the privacy of my dressing room. ideally, there would be lots lots more then just the twenty i did.

american hats.
September 7, 2008, 5:41 pm
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this election is going to make me loose my mind.

seriously, this sarah palin shit is totally absurd. i watched her acceptance speech and feel sick. not just because of the words coming out of her mouth, but because of her supporters. i found it on youtube, and it was posted by “ChristEndTimes,” yeah…it’s the end of the world.  and then the comments listed below freak me out because it makes me feel like they have a shot of actually winning.

is middle america really this ignorant?