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May 25, 2010, 3:20 pm
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summer used to be defined as being done with school for a solid 3 months. but now that i’ve graduated how do i know it’s summertime? i’ve been thinking a lot about this, and here is a list of the tell tales signs that i’ve come up with :

– 80% of your jeans mysteriously get transformed into shorts
– day drinking becoming a much more prominent activity throughout all days of the week
– there is a constant craving for mexican ice waters/micheladas/margaritas/mojitos
– sun tea can be found in the fridge at all times
– arnold palmers become the lunchtime drink of choice
– the amount of sweating that you do multiplies, specifically that elbow/behind the knees area…you know what i’m talkin’ about
– funny tan lines begin to emerge
– guys suddenly stop wearing shirts while riding their bikes, or just altogether
– porch sitting becomes a more frequent activity
– movie nights return with a vengeance
– the frequencies of barbecues increases dramatically
– raspados become a staple to ones diet
– the good ol’ swamp cooler gets turned back on
– the hair dryer can be put away, all you have to do now is step outside for about 5 minutes
– and my personal favorite, the tucson summer sky.

how does it do that?

also- anything i’m missing?

**addendum to list!

– all the college kids the clog the streets, bars, coffee shops are GONE. gone! gone! gone!                                          – eegee’s become a staple to your diet, as do watermelons
– you can leave your bike lights on your bike and know that the odds of them getting stolen are slim to none
– crickets slowly become a background noise for the next few months


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That pretty much sums it up. For me, it used to be an increase in Kool-Aid, comic books and Otter Pops. Also, my music of choice would get simpler, The Ramones, The Cramps, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC…Weekly excursions to Toros games are a must as well. Friends with access to swimming pools become your best friends. Watching shitty blockbuster movies at El Con become an all day marathon, theater hopping is a must, you gotta take advantage of the AC. I never thought I’d miss a Tucson summer until right now.

Comment by Dewtron

Summer used to be:
Spending all day inside (possibly playing video games) and going out all night.
Bitching about the ice tray never being filled
Sitting on the back of the pickup truck bed, talking to friends
Trips to the mall to be in an airconditioned environment

What summer is now:
Waiting for it to stop raining!
Planning short trips to visit dearly missed friends
A lot more day drinking
Hanging out outside until 8-9pm to catch the last daylight hours.

I miss Tucson summers too. If summer time wasn’t so damn hot, I probably would never have moved away.

Comment by Turquesa

“the amount of sweating that you do multiplies, specifically that elbow/behind the knees area…you know what i’m talkin’ about”

if by “elbow” you mean under the tittays then yes, ugh.

Comment by A. Hill

thanks guys! great additions!

Comment by chriiiistian

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