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motherfuckin hot dog time.
October 27, 2009, 12:16 am
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i thought that my love of hot dogs had reached it’s peak, until the wonderful alana made me aware of this:

oh yes.

in other news, i kinda feel like i’m drowning. i have so much to do and not the most time to get it all done in. however, i’m finally beginning to feel inspired to get it all done which is a nice change of pace.

also, how can anyone be sad wearing an all over print hot dog shirt that represents hot dogs across the country?



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Comment by sean


Comment by chriiiistian

While talking to Adan one day after your visit, he told me that you guys went to a “Hot Dog” restaurant. I said “Oh right, isn’t she obsessed with hot dogs? Is it her favorite food?” He explained that he didn’t think so (although admitted you did enjoy a hot dog to say the least) but that hot dogs are like everyone’s’ guilty pleasure because they are so bad they are good. I didn’t believe him so for the past two months I’ve been asking people about how they feel about hot dogs. To my surprise people that reason… weird how they’d love them and for I miss this one?

Comment by krank

hop on the hot dog train, even if it’s a veggie one. i’ll admit, i do enjoy morning star veggie corn dogs. yum!

also-are you guys come back to tucson anytime soon???

Comment by chriiiistian

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