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real life applications for the x-files.
August 26, 2009, 3:44 am
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in less than four months i’ll be a college graduate. 


though i’m beyond ready to be done with school, i have also found myself kind of disappointed about leaving what feels like too soon. mainly because i’ve finally gotten my footing and now it’s being taken out from under me. i realized this yesterday when revising my schedule for the 10th time and finding a whole bunch of classes that i wish i’d taken before leaving. i’m enrolled in ‘the soviet experiment’ where we read russian literature and discuss it. i bought my books for the course today and they’re allllllll sci-fi books.


i had just asked the other day if it would be inappropriate to ask my professor about his thoughts on alex krycek, apparently i’m totally in the clear.

i knew watching all that x-files this summer was bound to pay off.

also, they should just be doing this all the time.


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Good luck on your last semester! Maybe you’ll pull a Dilla and just go back to school and get your Masters.

Comment by turquesa

thanks, lady! when i have a free moment, and that damn monies i’ll come visit.

Comment by chriiiistian

damn that class sounds so great! can i see your reading list sometime?

also, that graduation regret you feel is what will motivate you to go to grad school, so have no fear, even though i’m one to talk. i know you have it in you!

Comment by nika

you got it, love. i’ll include it in my first letter to you. 🙂

Comment by chriiiistian

scully and mulder, so hot. hot hot hot.

Comment by smog


Comment by chriiiistian

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