curious, not creepy.

cacti and sunsets.
August 14, 2009, 1:11 am
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i’m pretty over southwestern art.  


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Kokopelli Kokopelli Kokopelli

Comment by krank

i wanna be tacky southwestern art for halloween this year. i got dibs on the kokopelli, now i just need a coyote in a handkerchief and a saguaro.

Comment by chriiiistian

or you could dress like a dirty tucson faux native hipster.

Comment by turquesa


Comment by Nicole

aha! you think that you hate it, but once you move away, whenever you go to a thrift store & see a god-awful saguaro & coyote with a bandana ensemble, you’ll hesitate, pick it up, sigh nostalgically, and almost.. almost consider buying it. this happens to lia & i legitimately every time we go to the goodwill down the street here in portland. you don’t realize it yet… but you love it.

Comment by nika

awww. i can totally see that. i hope you two are doing well!! give me your address so i can send you cactus filled postcards. 🙂

Comment by chriiiistian

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