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project two – book tag.
June 1, 2009, 8:04 pm
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i recently had a conversation with a good friend of mine about summer time and how it was that i used to spend it when i was a little kid. the library is where i could be found at least twice a week. i remember filling up my red wagon at the beginning of the week, taking them home and reading them all so i could return them and get another wagon full. when i got a little older, my mom would drop me off and i’d spend the day reading and helping the librarians eventually leading to my first job. 

for this weeks project, i wanted to explore the idea of the importance things have at various times in your life and how we are not alone in our discoveries as this happens to other people as well. i used books to be the objects to help express this, and decided to leave a kind of tag in books that have had great influence on me. 


book tag


me talk pretty one day.

i wasn’t able to document all of the books i left them in. i got really anxious since i was one of the only people in the store and it made any noises my camera made extra loud. but i’m spreading them around various bookstores and libraries, maybe you’ll find one.


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Really cool concept, it’d be awesome to discover something like that in a book I was reading. I feel like used book culture, people look at the condition of the book and see if they can tell anything about the previous owner. Its like a small treasure left for the new reader. Nice job.

Comment by Samantha M. Sais

really creative way to approach this project–good way of getting around the permanent quality of tagging- graffiti tagging is looked down upon by many as seen in style wars but the way which you tagged had a fun lighthearted twist –good job

Comment by Kate Bedrick

I really love your project, and think that it will definitely be useful and important for the people who find these, I think it serves its purpose. I like your approach and the message!!

Isabel Almada

Comment by isy88

laura cohen
Your project is very inspirational. I enjoyed how you incorporated your past and things that are/were really important to you into project. I love that you left the notes in the books for people to find when they open or buy the book. What a surprise it would be to open a new book and find a note written by someone else talking about amazing the book is, the one you are about to read.

Comment by lauraleecohen

great concept, I love to see the way each person interperets the idea of a tag. Im sure the people who come across your messages will be inspired and delighted. Its great that you used one of your interests for yuor project, bign that you know what fellow readers would like and what would affect them

Comment by m3hammer

I really like that your tag is for other people to enjoy. The different approach from “Style Wars” made it very interesting as well. I wish there had been a bit more documentation but your pictures still got your point across. Good job!

-Chris Meiser

Comment by ckmeiz

I like the simple nature of this project. Certain people will open the specific book and find it. I like the connection it makes to the people in a subtle and quiet way. Definitely a great way to to communicate to the viewer.

Comment by Chase Coughlin

i love the way you took a totally unique approach to this project. i think that you thought outside of the box and your idea is incredibly strong. there is something about books especially library books. they have a history and a life behind them and i think that leaving a little bit on yourself in the pages literally is reflective of the metaphorical pieces of ourselves that we leave with books that we love. love the project great job! i would love to stumble across one of your “tagged” books.

Comment by lexiclayburn

This is so much like my project which is awesome! I did much the same thing with photos and I love how you utilized the written word instead of something purely visual. Leaving things behind for others to find is something I really love doing but don’t do it unless I’m prompted like for this assignment. It was great of you to pass some words of wisdom and knowledge of your own on to others. It would make me smile to find one of your notes in a book. I would find comfort in feeling like the wonderful stranger who left me my note is reading the book with me. This is a very personal project for you as were the tags themselves and the books you tagged. I’m glad you were able to revist some old friends in the books you used to love as well.

~ Lisa Beth Earle

Comment by Lisa Beth Earle

I absolutely love your idea and project. It reminds me of my childhood as well. I was always curious about the little papers people used as bookmarks in the books I checked out. This was a wonderful way to create a tag.

-Teresa Le

Comment by teresale12

Good concept. Books themselves are messages not just from other people, but from other LIVES and other times. By leaving the message you are highlighting the magic quality of books. I hope that I find one your tags in the book store someday, there is something so gift like about receiving one. We all emotionally “tag” a book when we read it, because it has impacted our lives in some way. I like the visceral nature if this tag. Your project embodies our own involvement in the books that we read.

Comment by Leigh

great original project! i’d love to stumble across one of these books with their tags in the future. i know if i found one i’d be excited and it would make a great addition to a collage i have been creating for the last couple of years on my wall. you should keep doing this, it would be a wonderful project to pursue. love it.
beatriz duran.

Comment by felinocurioso

I think that this is a fantastic idea. I am always interested in the things that people leave behind in books. I feel like sometimes it can tell you a lot about a person (and sometimes not). But it makes you think about that person, that you have no idea who they are, what they look like, what the like, anything about them for that matter–but you are thinking about them. I am interested to know what other messages you might put inside these books. I think the choice to hand write them was a good idea– the notes would not have the same feeling if you had typed them up. And I have to admit, I kind of feeling like going on a scavenger hunt now to find one 🙂

Heather Summerville

Comment by hnsummer

I like the fact that you were thinking on leaving a mark in different libraries. Although, I wonder were and how this tag ar going to be displayed for others to find easily or if this is more like a treasure hunt.What Ilike about his projects is that you are leaving a message that pepople can relate to, you are not excluding anybody.

Comment by tanyasdc

I think this is a really interesting idea, but it would have been better if you actually wrote in the book. I find it really interesting when i find books and bookmans with a quote or a to: and a little saying to the person. I think its just more personal, if i found something like that in a book I would have probably just taken it out and thrown it away. I think people would be more intrigued if it was actually apart of the book the were reading.

Comment by Ashlee Salamon

The personal memory of childhood and summer really touched me. I wish I could read these notes, maybe you could write out a few onto this blog so we know what they say. I must admit i loved used books and I always look for others notes in the margins. I feel as if I am having a conversation with their ideas…sometimes I can tell it is research, other times it was just things really important to them that they did not want to forget. But then I’d think, “Why did they give this book up?” Yours is different because of the library and bookstore…the library being such a public space in which a conversation could be made with a book, and that fact that you didn’t check these books out means you could really go back later and see if someone wrote something back. This possible “site” of dialogue, a public book, is really interesting to me. One hopes the conversation is engaged of course, but even if not, the person who checks it out must deal with your words, and your ideas. It is food for thought. It is like an old fashion “comment” function that now exists on CNN (after the articles) or something. Interesting indeed.

Comment by halfpalestinian

I loved your concept and have always found it fascinating when I pick up a used book and it contains some trace of the person who had it before me. It makes you wonder about who they were and in some ways makes you feel connected to them. I think your artists statement really helped me to connect with the project as well.
Marisa Szewczyk

Comment by sincitygirl

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