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sounding out the city.
May 31, 2009, 5:09 am
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as i write this now, i am listening to music. i constantly have it playing while i’m at home. it is usually the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning and the last thing i do before falling asleep. since i live alone, it seems to make me feel as though i’m not all by myself. it helps create a comfortable environment for me, and knowing that i can take that comfort with me anywhere is great. just like the other people in michael bull’s book, sounding out the city, i used my iPod as a means of hiding while in public and creating a space of security while traveling through the city. 

however, this time around what i found most interesting about the book is his discussion of consumer technologies becoming apart of our everyday life. immediately it made me think about the evolution that can be seen from the birth of the walkman. after the walkman came portable cd players and then mp3 players. and in the mist of all this change in how we are able to listen to music we have the creation of the cell phone and the birth of the internet. now we have iPhones and blackberries that double not only as just a cell phone but also a music player that allows us full access to the internet at all times. 

Using a personal stereo appears to constitute a form of company for her whilst she is alone, through its creation of a zone of intimacy and immediacy. 

through these progressions in technology, we have become able to create our own worlds that we can carry around with us anywhere and everywhere. not only does our music allow us to block out the rest of the world, but now with social networking programs like myspace and facebook and now twitter you have total control of who you allow into your world. you no longer need to actually say anything to have a conversation, you can arrive to your destination without ever having said a single word and spoken to half a dozen people.

headphones are a social signal that the person who is wearing them is not interested in conversation. and now seeing someone fiddling with their phone also gives this same idea. 

Along with her personal stereo she now has a mobile phone which she also claims not to be able to be without. The arsenal of mobile technology becomes her ‘lifeline’ whilst traversing those empty but potentially fearful public spaces.

with these advancements in technology, we are now more connected to each other then every before. but at the same time, we have created these cocoons that enables us to maintain physical relationships. we are able to to go months without physically seeing a person and know what is happening in their life thanks to facebook. which doesn’t seem like a good direction to be moving in to me.


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