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imaging place.
May 28, 2009, 4:36 am
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the presentation on imaging place is fascinating, it takes the idea of creating a map and pushes it to a much more personal and intimate level. it allows real people to be apart of the process by telling their stories and perspectives and creating a real understanding of the area. because what makes a community a community isn’t the streets and sidewalks, but the people that reside in it. maps are meant to be a means of getting around in the world, so why not have the people who are in that part of the world be the ones describing it to you?

i like that they are using the new technologies we have acquired to construct these new kinds of maps. it makes it very accessible to viewers. if they can use the google maps street view feature, they’ll be able to use these maps as they appear to be very similar. also, by having these videos it also gives a stronger sense of actually being there. as though you are with the person walking through these streets, seeing what they see rather then just looking at a flat 2D image. you have the ability to have a full 360 view of the area around you giving you a greater understanding of the place.  

towards the end of the presentation, there was a part that talked about what maps have become in todays society.  that it is not necessarily a thing that gives us directions, but one that orientants us to the world around us. and i think that this kind of new cartography is really pushing this idea. some of us will never be able to visit the cities that many of these videos come from so this allows a way to get insight into the peoples that reside there, the sights they see and the sounds they hear. it helps bring together people across the globe by getting to take a glance into their lives.


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