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project one – googly eyes.
May 24, 2009, 11:05 pm
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for this weeks project, i’ve decided to do an ephemeral piece that expands upon the ideas from my first walk in which i searched for faces in places.   instead of just trying to find these faces, i took a more proactive role and created them.  the use of googly eyes helps really define the face, and also adds a very playful element to the piece which is was a goal of mine.  i want them to be a nice surprise to be found by other walkers, and hopefully be a reminder of our childhood and how easy it was to enjoy these simple joys.

googly gutter.

googly trash.

googly metal.

googly wood.

googly lid.

googly sidewalk.

googly bricks.

googly fence.

googly cactus.


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your work was very creative, fun, and brought a smile to my face. i’m glad that you added the eyes to your “found faces,” they add a sense of playfulness to your work. i understand your concept, i know whenever i’m out and about wandering around i always find myself discovering little faces and images in the environment around me. i’ve always imagined other people doing it too and now i can confirm that thought. 🙂 i loved the cactus one the best because the addition of the eye completely transformed the cactus from a plant to a being, and gave it a personality.
beatriz duran.

Comment by felinocurioso


Comment by Jason Sims

I actually got alot of humor from your piece….I found it interesting that all you did was add eyes to a space that had been created on its own. I wish I would have felt a little more connection from you with the piece but I think overall it was an interesting approach to the problem of the ephemeral piece. Also it was kind of a new and lighter way of interpreting the assignment!
Marisa Szewczyk

Comment by Marisa Szewczyk

lexi clayburn-
I could not help but smile when looking at your project. You took an approach of looking at things differently and were able to portray it in such a simplistic manner. I especially enjoy your ability to breathe life into the natural environments by simply just adding a pair of googly eyes and through this process you were able to give nature expression and personality.

Comment by lexiclayburn

I love art pieces that have a sense of humor. Yours certainly does. It’s simple, clever, and easy to follow, and it made me laugh. If art can produce any kind of emotion or reaction, such as laughter, it is good art in my book. My favorite one is the little metal water hatch, it reminds me of Cookie Monster! This will probably have me looking at the things around me in a hole new way now, thank you!

Comment by ckmeiz

Again, the last post is from Chris Meiser (ckmeiz). I keep forgetting…

Comment by ckmeiz

I appreciate the playful concept to your project. I am constantly finding faces in my surroundings while going along with my daily routine. Your project was simple yet prominent, I can imagine people who come across your googley eyed beings will be sure to have a smile on their face.

Comment by m3hammer

Nice! (I have a strong affection for plastic eyes.)
The feel is light and whimsical. When I look at everyones’ piece, I think, “What would it be like to stumble onto this art while I was taking a walk?”
With your piece, I know exactly what it would have been like: I would have been happy. Pure and simple.
-Leigh Preuss

Comment by Leigh

Holy crap I love this. I really hope that I come across some of these faces around town because I know they would totally make me smile. I was nervous after seeing your first few “faces” because I was afraid that your were just gonna stick googly eyes around circles that you found but I’m happy that you really got creative with it and found other things to act as mouths and faces for your eyes. You gave faces to otherwise inanimate and boring things. I feel like each thing has a personality now. Some of the faces are happy, some are surprised, and some look hungry tome but that may be because I’m hungry now too. Anyway, I think you did a good job of working with your locales and understanding your surroundings and materials which was a key goal of this project.

~ Lisa Beth Earle

Comment by bellebeth

I love this project! It is simple, yet so much fun and imaginative! I really liked how you continued with the mapping exercise in the first walk. This reminds me of my childhood as well and how I would see faces in objects. I think you were successful in leaving behind a surprise for others to find.

-Teresa Le

Comment by teresale12

This is such a simple idea but I really like it because it makes me reminisce about childhood activities like finding shapes in clouds, etc. Mostly, I really enjoy the humor of the images because some of the places do create faces with your manipulation of the eyes.

Comment by smsais

Sorry- Samantha M. Sais

Comment by smsais

I feel your point and purpose will effectively work, that when people find this they will be reminded of simple childhood joys, you captured your goal in making it very playful, and i like the simplicity of it. I enjoyed all the images specially the last one, to me it looks like a fish! Great Job!

Comment by isy88

Isabel Almada

Comment by isy88

I really like this idea, using the googly eyes too make urban smily faces. It would have been interesting to see other objects used as well. Maybe using really crazy over the top stuff to make the urban spaces look better. It also would be interesting to see you using urban materials such as rocks and trash to make the faces. I think you have something going here, maybe more experimenting will allow you to really step this project up a notch.

Comment by ashleejsphoto

-Ashlee Salamon

Comment by ashleejsphoto

I can’t even tell you how much I love this piece for the pure hilarity of it. I also can’t help but laugh even more because I was just watching Monster Inc and I can hear Celia saying “googly bear!!”. But there is so much more to it than just humor. I think it was a great idea to tie this piece to one of your walking experiences. I can definitely see that there is a decent amount of thought behind this (and that your work is not just all fun and games) by the positioning and size choice in each eye. You really gave each organic shape life and a personality. Every piece I have seen you make in this class (including last year) is almost cutting edge in creativity. After looking at your work I always say to myself “damn, why didn’t I think of that?” My only suggestion for this piece is to explore your surfaces a little more like you did with the cactus. I think the 3-dimensionality brings the piece to a whole new level. Although I can see you incorporated several different shapes in the other images, they are still all on a flat surface. Just a thought.

Heather Summerville

Comment by hnsummer

Laura Cohen

You images definitely have a playful feel to them, but I feel you could have pushed your concept further. You focused on very representational face, two bolts for the eyes and a hole for the mouth. I don’t think you need to add the googly eyes to the objects, your images would be stronger without them. If you pushed that further and searched for faces that more ambiguous I think your project and concept would be much stronger.

Comment by lauraleecohen

I absolutely love this concept! It is so playful and really makes you hone in on some of the simpler and happier moments we all walk by every day and never notice. I like it because it makes monument of ordinary every day objects. Not only do the eyes and faces speak for themselves but it is so lighthearted and really made me smile.

Comment by cpcoughlin

HAHA I think this is great – I love how you incorporated humor into this project–the cactus image is one of my favorites–your simple approach is light and fun good job!!

Comment by kbedrick



I agree with Ashlee…I kind of wanted to get more of the found materials into the role of the eyes… I’m not sure if it would have been as funny though. I don’t have a lot to say about this project, I think it sets out to do what it wants to do…I think it would be interesting to see if anyone catches it…There is this artist I want to show you the work of…Paula something or other. Let me find her information and send it to you.

Comment by halfpalestinian

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