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walk one – smell and sound
May 21, 2009, 4:32 am
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there is this smell that infiltrates tucson every summer and is one of my absolute favorite things about living here. that wet dirt smell, that is definitely the smell of summertime. 

and there are these sounds that fill the air – the train blowing its horn, the hum of swamp coolers and the voices of people chatting on their porch.


summer sky.

i went on a walk this evening and it was a culmination of these two things which are just apart of experiencing tucson in the summer. its much quieter out at night with most of the ua kids gone back home until august. which is nice. and it is much cooler, with the looming rain that changes the color of the sky to that beautiful redish pink. i guess more then anything, my walk tonight made me appreciate this town. i know i spend a lot of my time complaining about it and wanting to leave it, but it really is a great place. and it was also really nice to just take my time and enjoy the weather and the smells and the sounds instead of being in a big rush from one place to another. it’s been a long time since i just went on a walk with no destination in mind.


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