curious, not creepy.

is it better to give or to receive? [final project]

my favorite project that i’ve done for this class was the first one, the giving back one. what i wish i would have been able to do was having some sort of interaction with the person on the other end. which is what i attempted to do for this piece. 

this time around, i took some polaroids of things that i never really noticed around my neighborhood:


and then attached a note that i typed up for the finder:


once i typed up one to go with each photograph, i bundled them them together so that they’d all contain the same things. it looked like this:


i then put them in places to be found throughout these two areas:


it is my hope that they will be found by people who will be willing to respond. and if not, that’s fine. i like to think that if anything, it is something that is out of the ordinary to interrupt their day. a pleasant surprise, finding these unusual, ‘out-dated’ forms of communication that are wanting to start a dialogue with the finder and myself.

[i encourage anyone who’d like to, to mail me something. even if you don’t find one of my little gifts. i’d be happy to mail something in return. po box 3592 tucson,az 85722]


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