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maintaining eye contact – walk six
June 9, 2008, 12:32 am
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i chose to maintain eye contact with everyone i interacted with today. 

it seems like such a simple gesture but it’s much harder then what i would have thought. for the most part, the person on the receiving end was not into it. i was lucky to get a glance from the person i was interacting with. but those that reciprocated actually made me uncomfortable. looking directly at someone is something i’m able to do if i know the person and feel comfortable with them. but when a stranger is looking it is my first instinct to look away. i am very aware of that and so i tried to not break away. i was able to do it for a bit but if it lasted too long i’d have to turn away. anything longer then about a minute makes me anxious. 

after trying to do this all day i needed a break and met my friend for some ice tea at a cafe. i told her about my day and she said that she understood how hard eye contact can be to maintained. and said that the only time that she feels comfortable with it [aside from close friends] is at work when she’s on the other side of the counter. that is when she is able to maintain it. and that is one place i feel totally comfortable with as well. maybe it has to do with it being something that i am required to do in order to do my job well. but it also makes me think it has something to with feeling more in control of that situation. though they are still strangers, i don’t necessarily see them in that light. most of the people who come in to the theater are regulars so i feel like i know them more. we have a more frequent interaction then just someone on the sidewalk.  

i’m going to make more of an effort to keep this from being such a strenuous activity. and hopefully it’ll improve. 



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