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private in public – walk three
June 1, 2008, 3:53 am
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music is more important to some people then others. i like it a lot and have it on all the time, well almost all the time. i used to constantly wear my headphones while riding my bike or walking anywhere. at some point i stopped, i can’t really pin point the exact moment in time in which i’d stopped doing that but i did. so, taking a walk with them on again was very strange. and felt almost like a sensory overload. 

this is the route i took: [black = ipod, blue = no ipod]

i noticed that i became very observant. at least about the big things i saw, like buildings and landscape but totally blew past things that i normally would spend a lot of time with. like the sidewalk and traffic. it was very odd to hear music while walking instead of the sounds that i knew i was producing as well as the ones that were around me.  

i ventured into value village because i realized i’d never tried to go into a store with headphones on. i think it’s really rude to try and interact with other people with them in.  it’s as though what they are listening is too important to give you their full attention. i felt incredibly rude with them on and had a conflict with the other music that was being played, they meshed but not in a good way.

i took a slight detour on my walk home, which felt like FOREVER long. when really, it wasn’t that far. 

i prefer to listen to music in a more private setting, i’ve concluded. in the car, and most definitely at home but it isn’t necessary while walking. also, it isn’t the safest decision to make either. though i become very observant to things that i don’t normally pay much attention to, those other things that are important – like hearing traffic – tend to take the backseat.   



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